Iran Is The Crazy Kid

His jacket might be a different color….
Remember when you were eleven and there was one kid who developed before everyone else? He had the musculature and facial hair of a 30 year old man. On one level, it was disconcerting, on another level, terrifying. Did you mess with muscle kid even if he was a nice guy? No. Did you pick on him? No. Well, you didn’t unless you were crazy. And there’s always a crazy kid, or three, around. Most of the time they floated in their delusions, til they mustered enough strength from the voices in their head, to provoke the muscle kid. And then, they got beat down, but they didn’t care because they were crazy.

Iran is the crazy kid.

The crazy kid is doing crazy stuff off to himself–for now. He’s making things go boom, writing rants inspired by God in mom and dad’s basement, and generally acting antisocial and weird.

What isn’t known until it’s too late, is how crazy is crazy? Will the crazy kid just take on the muscle kid and be smashed into oblivion? Will the crazy kid go Columbine, like he’s threatening, and take out as many as possible while going down for the count himself? No one knows…..‘cuz he’s crazy.

Since the crazy kid seems intent on avoiding the benefits of therapy, the best anyone can do is take away his weapons, watch him and make sure to be armed should he go, well, crazy. It’s better that the crazy kid is dead than the rest of the class.

Barack Obama says he’ll talk with the crazy kid, be his friend, give him a warm huggie hug and the crazy kid will suddenly get uncrazy. His suicidal and homicidal impulses will melt away in the sweet, embrace of Obamessiah goodness. Ahmadinejad’s hatred and loathing for Jews and Israel will evaporate in enlightenment. Yep, that will happen.

Or, Israel, with America’s help, will bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities back to the stone ages after the election but before President Fuzzy comes into office. Sometimes neutralizing a crazy kid is the best a muscled kid can do.

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