Iran, North Korea, and Children Shouldn’t Have Nuclear Weapons By Frank J.

Some countries should have nuclear weapons, such as America. Then… well, that’s about it, but I guess it’s okay the British have some, and I don’t mind much that India and Pakistan have them as long as they just keep them pointed at each other. But know who shouldn’t have nuclear weapons? Iran, North Korea, and children.

Iran, North Korea, and children just can’t be trusted with the responsibility nuclear weapons entail. Nuclear weapons can kill millions and put the world into the deadliest war in history, but we can’t trust that Iran, North Korea, and children will be rational enough to understand that.

Also, look at the history of Iran, North Korea, and children; they often have been reckless with their possessions in the past, and it wouldn’t be too surprising if Iran, North Korea, or children misplaced their nuclear weapons such that they ended up in the hands of terrorists. Sure we could scold them afterwards, but the damage would be done. That’s why we need to keep Iran, North Korea, and children from getting nuclear weapons in the first place.

Iran, North Korea, and children probably won’t accept this ruling and throw tantrums saying they should be able to have nuclear weapons too. It’s best to just ignore them when they act like that. But, we need to keep a constant eye on Iran, North Korea, and children because they are likely to disobey us if they think we aren’t looking. Perhaps we can motivate them by saying if they’re good we’ll make trade agreements, loosen sanctions, and give them cookies, things that Iran, North Korea, and children want.

It will take a stern hand to keep Iran, North Korea, and children in line, but the consequences of any of them getting nuclear weapons is too much for the world to bear. It’s best we keep nuclear weapons up on a refrigerator or underground in a reinforced, concrete silo where Iran, North Korea, and children can’t reach them. If they still persist, then harder actions must be taken. As the old saying goes, “Spare the rod, spoil the Iran, North Korea, or child.”

Frank J. is a syndicated columnist whose columns appear worldwide on and is the author of such books as “The Monkey Was Dead When I Got Here” and “My Lord, Art is Boring!”

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