Iraqi Insurgent Vs. TOW Anti-Tank Missile

The mainstream media has seen fit to show us all sorts of images from the war in Iraq: terrorists desecrating American bodies, beheadings, soldiers shooting wounded insurgents, Abu Ghraib pics, you name it. Given that, I don’t think it’s inappropriate to post this video that I’ve gotten my hands on.

I’m told this is an Iraqi insurgent with a rifle vs. what looks to be a TOW anti-tank weapon, although I have no way of indepently verifying that. It’s not gory, but the insurgent does die quite violently and if watching that will bother you, I’d recommend that you avoid this 1MB .mpeg video. You have been warned about what this video is like so don’t email me and complain if you click on it and don’t like what you see.

Insurgent vs. TOW anti-tank weapon

Given the type of graphic garbage they typically play in an effort to incite people against Americans and Israelis, I think it would be a great idea for Jihad TV, AKA Al-Jazeera, to play this video. Since it’s the favorite station of all the radical Islamists out there, it’ll give them a good idea of how they may end up if they try to go after American soldiers and stop democracy in Iraq.

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