Rocky Balboa Mini-Movie Review

Supposedly, Muhammad Ali was the inspiration for Apollo Creed in the original Rocky movie and quite obviously, George Foreman’s return to boxing was the inspiration for Rocky in his sixth movie — and yes, it’s really Rocky #6!

In this last movie, Rocky has long since retired from boxing, his beloved Adrian has passed away, and he spends his days running a restaurant and generally being kind to people. But then, the champion of the world loses a computer simulated bout to Rocky that gets a lot of press attention and next thing you know, he wants to prove himself against Rocky in the ring and collect a big paycheck for his trouble.

From there on out, it’s the standard training montage and then off to the fight which, as always, consists of Rocky and the other guy trading haymakers from start to finish.

It is the same formula you’ve seen 5 times already? Yes, pretty much. But, was it good? Again, yes. If you liked the first four movies in the Rocky series, you’ll like this one, too. It’s also worth noting that this film was a huge improvement over Rocky V, which, incidentally, came out way back in 1990! On the inspirational scale, I’d put this one below Pursuit of Happyness, but above Invincible. 3 stars out of 5. It’s a thumbs up!

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