Irony Alert: British Decapitation Edition

A TV show in Britain is causing a controversy because they’ve portrayed a member of a certain religion decapitating a member of another religion for religious reasons. Read all about it,

A BBC drama has triggered a barrage of complaints after it showed gruesome images of a Muslim being beheaded.

Bonekickers, about a group of archeological sleuths, depicted an extremist Christian decapitating a man with a sword.

The bloody scene has prompted 100 complaints since it was broadcast on BBC1 on Tuesday evening.

…Some viewers were taken aback when former EastEnders actor Paul Nicholls was seen in the drama hacking off a moderate Muslim’s head in an unprovoked attack.

He plays a member of the fictional White Wings Alliance, a group of far-Right evangelical Christians inspired by the Crusades.

The show, watched 6.8 million, also sparked new claims of anti-Christian bias in BBC programmes.

Yes, we live in a world where radical Muslims regularly decapitate people in the name of their religion, in part because of events like the crusades, and their actions are supported by tens of millions, perhaps even hundreds of millions of other radical Muslims around the globe.

However, if you point out the evil and savagery that is committed day in and day out by radical Muslims, in the name of Islam, yowling mobs of illiterate savages will make threats in the streets while thuggish Imams will negotiate on their behalf and complain that Islam is being defamed by accurately portraying what a significant portion of Muslims actually believe.

So because they lack the moral courage to chronicle the whole murderous experience, they invent a fictional Christian group they can attack for doing the very things that radical Muslims are doing every day of the week while the libs at the BBC stand sheepishly by and say nothing.


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