Irony On Top Of Irony Over Kim Du Toit’s Blog

This week-end, I linked Kim Du Toit’s essay, “The Pussification Of The Western Male, but I titled it, “The Wussification Of The Western Male.” That was to spare me indignant emails from people complaining that I was posting “vulgar” language on the blog.

Anyway, Kim Du Toit, took exception to that and wrote the following on his blog,

“Rich Irony

Of all the comic genres, irony is one of the most difficult to describe. Often confused with sarcasm, it seems to give people fits when they try to describe it using an example.

Here’s a perfect one.

John Hawkins recently linked to my Pussification of the Western Male essay—only, his link labels it the Wussification of the Western Male.”

That’s “rich irony,” huh? Well personally, I don’t think ungracious whining about using the word “wussy” instead of “p*ssy” in a link to your blog is particularly manly, but setting that aside, here’s something that’s really ironic. If you read the essay, Du Toit himself bleeps expletives out of it. For example,

“Now, for those who haven’t seen this piece of ####, I’m going to go over it, from memory, because it epitomizes everything I hate…”

“Because I have fairly set views on what constitutes right and wrong, I have no difficulty in calling Bill Clinton, for example, a ####### liar and hypocrite.”

Yet, he’s complaining that I used wussy instead of p*ssy. Now, how’s THAT for “rich irony?”

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