Is Bush Wavering On Iraq?:

Is Bush Wavering On Iraq?: There is certainly a perception out there that GWB may be wavering on Iraq. He said in Germany that he has “no war plans on his desk” and there was a story leaked that said the military doesn’t want to hit Iraq at all.

I don’t buy that for a second.

We have intelligence agents working with Iraqi rebels, we’re picking out a new government for Iraq, we’re building up troops in the area, we’ve been talking about what a threat Iraq is for months, and GWB has been making a massive effort to pacify the Democrats, Europe, and the Middle East. The Bush administration isn’t doing all of that for nothing.

Most importantly, GWB has to hit Iraq if he intends to be in the White House during 2004. The backlash Bush 41 caught for breaking his “read my lips, no new taxes” pledge would be nothing compared to the wrath of the American people if GWB didn’t take out Saddam. I’ll go on record as saying that Bush wouldn’t even be the Republican parties CANDIDATE in 2004 if he goes soft on the “War on Terrorism.” Personally, I’m Conservative as it gets and I’d vote for anyone other than Bush if we didn’t attack Iraq. When I say anyone, I mean Al Gore, Hilliary Clinton, Ralph Nader, Tom Daschle, Al Sharpton, ANYONE would be better than Bush if betrayed the American public like that. Now if a Conservative as rabid as I am feels like that, what do you think the reaction of the rest of the American public would be? Remember, Bush’s entire political future is tied to the “War on Terrorism” and if he goes soft on it, he will be reviled like no other President since Nixon. So be confident, all this disinformation about Iraq is just an ill advised snow job. Bush is going take down Iraq if he doesn’t want to be a one termer like his dad and everything we’ve seen of GWB since he’s come into office makes it very apparent that he intends to be around for a full eight years.

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