Is Clinton Toast Whether She Wins Or Loses In Ohio And Texas?

Some people think so because she isn’t likely to catch Obama in votes or delegates earned prior to the convention, but Hillary actually has some powerful arguments on her side.

#1) Sure Michigan and Florida don’t count, but they’re key swing states and Hillary, not Barack, won both.

#2) The whole point of the Super Delegates was to put a group of people in place who could thwart the will of voters if they so choose. Is that particularly democratic? No, but the Obama campaign’s argument that the super delegates have to vote for whoever is ahead is complete and utter ga-ga.

#3) Most importantly, Obama has won more states, delegates, and has received more votes than Hillary, but — and this is a big but, that’s because independents and Republicans have been supporting him heavily. Hillary has gotten hundreds of thousands more votes from Democrats than Obama.

So, if the Super Delegates are going to support the candidate who represents, as Howard Dean would say, the “Democratic wing of the Democratic Party,” that person is Hillary Clinton, not Barack Obama.

PS: Personally, I just want to see the two of them slug it out all the way through the convention, but I do think it’s worth pointing out that Hillary really does have some legitimate arguments for hanging around, despite the MSM’s desire to anoint Obama as the Democratic nominee.

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