Is It A Miracle Or Luck?

Is it a miracle or does cool shit just sometimes happen? This child should be dead, but he isn’t:

Lazar Ognjenovic, 2, had been submerged in Lake Michigan after a gust of wind blew the stroller he was sitting in into the lake on April 18 at Belmont Harbor. Ognjenovic’s grandfather tried to find him, but to no avail.

Within three minutes, rescue teams had arrived , and three minutes after that, divers located the boy approximately 12 feet underwater. It took a full 43 minutes after he was taken out of the water for Ognjenovic to finally breathe on his own.

“It was a difficult situation that day that we dealt with,” said one rescue official. “We had a little bit of luck on our side with the helicopter being where it was and the fact that the dive team was out practicing that day.”
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For several days, NBC5’s Alex Perez reported, not even doctors were sure what would happen.

“I’m not one that generally believes in miracles,” said Dr. Leon Epstein, chief of neurology at Children’s Memorial Hospital, at a news conference. “But if there is such a thing as miracles, this would be one.”

Ognjenovic is not only alive, Perez reported, but is doing well, and met his rescuers for the first time on Wednesday. His parents, while grateful, wished to protect his identity, and were not at the news conference.

The doctor isn’t prone to believe in miracles because everything can be explained by the senses and yet when things can’t be rationally explained, what’s the explanation? Is it just that death by asphyxiation isn’t fully comprehended yet? More information will reveal the reason a human can survive for a long time without oxygen, no doubt, and we can all look forward to a future of prolonged oxygen deprivation, maybe.

Existential question here, aside from the awesomeness that this kid is alive, unharmed:

This kid…
Got a miracle
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