Is Palin’s Experience Lacking?

A friend emailed me yesterday to talk shop about Sarah Palin. Among other things, he said, “I still think she’s laughably unqualified. If McCain’s health falters, do I really want her to be president? It would look like a bad 80’s sitcom.”

When I replied that I was excited that Sarah Palin was energizing the conservative base and seemed to be making Republicans cool again, I was greeted with this response:

Since I lack partisan loyalties, the notion of making the Republicans cool again doesn’t do much for me. If anything, I’ve always cherished the Republicans as they are– uncool. That sort of immediate, trendy appeal is good for some, but the Republicans are, to me, icons of sensibility and substance over style. They’re the party of the Silent Majority. For them to be cool would be similar to the Pope skateboarding. Cool? Sort of, but I really need the pope not to skateboard.

Maybe he’s got a great point there, and Republicans should remain uncool. But, with what’s at stake this fall, conservatism appealing to more people–and a rock star conservative motivating more folks to get to the voting booth–sounds great to me.

What do you think? Is Sarah Palin too inexperienced to be the vice president? Click here to share your thoughts.

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