Is This The First Direct Comparison Between Bush And Cho Seung-Hui?

Well, I suppose this was just a matter of time until one of the netroots loonies compared Bush to Cho Seung-Hui. After all, once you’ve decided that Bush is Hitler, pretty much every other rotten person in the universe would seem to be fair game.

From Margaret Kimberley at the Smirking Chimp,

“Senator John McCain is a presidential candidate, an allegedly sane man and an influential politician. He and many other respectable Americans are also worse than Seung-Hi Cho. McCain sang his horrific little ditty about killing Iranians among a group of like minded folks, who think they have a right to bomb human beings into oblivion and to laugh while they do it.

Cho came by his murderous rage somewhat honestly. He was certifiably psychotic, a one time patient in a psychiatric hospital. What is McCain’s excuse for openly expressing his murderous fantasies in song? The silence surrounding the McCain call to bloodlust was deafening. The big campaign news that day was the cost of John Edwards’ haircuts, not a psychotic call to kill from another candidate.

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The pundits and the politicians all agreed that Cho was evil, demonic, diabolical. If so, he was no worse than George W. Bush. What is the occupation of Iraq if not evil?”

The most interesting part of this excerpt is that Kimberley dragged McCain into this, which suggests that Bush Dementia Syndrome isn’t as localized of a mental affliction as you might think. Bush will be leaving office in 2009, but the insane hatemongering on the left that he helped inspire by beating them in two elections and being serious about defending the United States will apparently just be transferred to other targets.

PS: What’s unspoken, but rather significant here, is that Kimberly is morally equating the innocents murdered at Virginia Tech with nuclear bomb seeking, terrorist supporting, religious fanatics and kidnappers who run Iran and target American troops for death.

PS #2: Speaking of moral equivalence gone bonkers, what does it say about a person morally when she considers freeing 25 million people from a tyrannical ruler and staying, at great cost in blood and treasure, to help them maintain a democracy — an evil act? Personally, I’d say that she’s as twisted and mentally warped that it practically qualifies as a form of mental illness.

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