Is Time Trying To Photographically Beat Ann Coulter With An Ugly Stick?

Ann Coulter is not pleased with the pic that Time used of her on the cover this week:

In the cover pic, the angle is such that Ann’s face is subtly distorted and it makes her look more mannish & less attractive. She almost looks like she has a sloping forehead in the picture.

Just for comparison’s sake, look at this non-cover shot of Ann and her mom that was also in the Time spread:

You know, beauty is a subjective thing, but in my opinion, based on the face alone, Ann looks 4-5 points better on a 10 scale in the second pic than she does in the first.

Is that a coincidence? You can browse Time’s covers yourself and make up your own mind. But, whatever the case may be, Ann’s still hot and any excuse to post at least one hot pic of her is a good excuse as far as I’m concerned =D…

Michelle Malkin has more.

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