Israel Bombed Syria? It’s About Time

As most of you probably already know, this week-end, in response to a suicide bombing that killed 19 Israelis, Israel bombed a an Islamic Jihad camp in Syria. Predictably, there was outrage at the UN…

“We think this attack is an unacceptable violation of the international law,” said France’s Ambassador Jean-Marc de La Sabliere.

Britain’s Ambassador Emyr Jones Parry said, “Israel’s action today is unacceptable and represents an escalation.”

“Israel should not allow its justified anger at continuing terrorism to lead to actions that undermine both the peace process and we believe Israel’s own interests,” he added.

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan condemned the air strike, and a statement from his office said the UN chief was concerned that the “escalation of an already tense and difficult situation has the potential to broaden the scope of current conflicts in the Middle East.”

So following “international law” means that you have to stand by helplessly while Syria aids terrorists who are trying to kill you? Let me respond to that by paraphrasing Dickens; “If international law supposes that, then international law is an @ss, an idiot”.

As far as I’m concerned, there is absolutely no difference between terrorists supported & sheltered by Syria murdering Israelis and Syria’s military murdering Israelis. It’s a half-dozen of one, six of the other. The end result is that there are Israelis being murdered because Syria is trying to make it happen.

Oh, and these complaints about “escalation”? In my opinion, Israel’s problem is exactly the opposite of what most people think it is, they don’t escalate things ENOUGH. The idea that terrorists should be able to set up camps in surrounding nations and attack Israel at their leisure while their host countries aren’t held responsible is simply ludicrous.

Just imagine what the reaction of United States would be if let’s say Hizbollah, with the full support and cooperation of the Mexican government, started setting up terrorist camps across the border and then started sending suicide bombers into Arizona and Texas. You don’t think we’d bomb their camps? Hell, we’d secure the border by any means necessary, destroy the camps, and we’d put Vicente Fox on a slab just to make sure that everyone understood that sort of activity wasn’t going to continue.

So good for Israel, I support their attack 110%. In fact, I think their biggest mistake was not doing it sooner.

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