Israel, Chickenhawks, Democrats, And Neville Chamberlain

One of the things liberals love to ramble on about is, “chickenhawks.” How dare someone who hasn’t been in a war, advocate war.

Of course, that’s pure nonsense. You could just as easily say, “Gee how can someone who hasn’t fought a fire advocate a fireman risking his life to stop a building from burning. How can someone who hasn’t ever arrested a dangerous criminal tell a policeman to risk his life apprehending a thug. Moreover, if you haven’t spent years risking your life for peace as a human shield in hot spots around the world, then what business do you have demanding someone spend years in the military before he can have a say?”

The whole “chickenhawk” argument is bilge that liberals toss out to shut down debate and they don’t even believe it themselves. Want proof? Well, look to Israel, a country that requires mandatory military service amongst all of its population.

Certainly, they’re not a country of “chickenhawks,” right? Yet, they’re blasting Lebanon and the Palestinians into the ground and they’re strong supporters of the war on terror. But, since they’re not “chickenhawks,” the left supports them, right? Wrong.

Via Michael Barone, here are some very interesting results culled from a LA Times/Bloomberg Poll:

“Should the United States continue to align itself with Israel, adopt a more neutral posture, or align more with Arab countries?”

Continue with Israel

Republicans: 64%
Democrats: 39%

More neutral posture

Republicans: 29%
Democrats: 54%

In the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, Israel acted properly.

Republicans: 64%
Democrats: 29%

Israel did not act properly

Republicans: 28%
Democrats: 56%

So, what does all this mean? Well, going back to the chickenhawk argument, it means that the liberals don’t believe their own arguments. Even though Israel, which is a strong US ally, is fighting a war run by vets and supported by a population of vets, the Democrats don’t support them.

More importantly, this bodes ill for Israel — and for that matter, America — if the Democrats get back into power. Even though the Israelis are fighting, and winning, a war against terrorists in Hezbollah and Hamas, the Democrats oppose it. That just goes to show you that the Democrats have become a weak party of Neville Chamberlains who oppose war not for any strategic reasons, but because they simply don’t have the heart for it any more.

Think about how serious the consequences of having weak, vacillitating appeasers like that in office could be when we have terrorists out there looking to launch the next 9/11 and Iran building nuclear weapons.

Those consequences could be quite serious indeed.

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