It Is About Time By Lorie Byrd

I am sick to death of hearing about what a failure Iraq is when that determination cannot possibly be made until at least a decade from now. I am sick of the good news from Iraq being ignored by those whose job it is to report all the facts. I am sick to death of hearing the party of Mary McCarthy and Sandy Berger complain about the outing of a CIA desk jockey who went to work everyday through the front gate at Langley. I am sick of hearing about how crappy the public thinks the economy is when so many economic indicators show the opposite to be the case. I am sick of the media failing to inform the public of that economic good news. I am sick of the party of Alan Mollohan and John Conyers and William Jefferson talking about a Republican culture of corruption and I am sick of the media who refuse to challenge them when they spout that mantra. I am sick of the party of Cynthia McKinney and Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore not being held accountable for the outrageous words and actions of those in their camp. I am sick of the party that for at least the past quarter century has not only opposed domestic drilling, nuclear energy, and building new refineries, but has raised gas taxes, trying to take political advantage from high gas prices. I am sick of a “news” media that will not point out any of that party’s past positions on energy.

For all those reasons, I was extremely happy to read new chief of staff Josh Bolten’s five point recovery plan for the President, especially point #3 – BRAG MORE:

White House officials who track coverage of Bush in media markets around the country said he garnered his best publicity in months from a tour to promote enrollment in Medicare’s new prescription-drug plan. So they are planning a more focused and consistent effort to talk about the program’s successes after months of press reports on start-up difficulties. Bolten’s plan also calls for more happy talk about the economy. With gas prices a heavy drain on Bush’s popularity, his aides want to trumpet the lofty stock market and stable inflation and interest rates. They also plan to highlight any glimmer of success in Iraq, especially the formation of a new government, in an effort to balance the negative impression voters get from continued signs of an incubating civil war.

It is about time.

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