It’s An Ann Coulter Lovefest

It’s An Ann Coulter Lovefest On RWN: People are coming out of the woodwork to slam poor Ann Coulter (well I shouldn’t say poor, Slander was #4 on Amazon last time I looked). Lot’s of people including the Indepundit and Meryl Yourish has taken shots at her lately.

Liberals obviously don’t like Coulter because not only does she not agree with them, but she also is perhaps the most vicious critic of the left on the national scene. But some Conservatives and Libertarians don’t like her either because of her arguing style. You see, she debates like a Democrat. Now what do I mean by that? The left and the right tend to have two different styles of debate. The right tends to “logic bomb” everything. If the debate is on Social Security, the Conservative will take five minutes explaining why the Social Security trust fund really doesn’t exist and why privatizing part of the fund will extend the life of the program for decades. He’ll then talk about how we’re going to have to do something within a decade or we’ll be forced to raise the age limit or cut benefits. Then he may even regale you with the history of the program if you haven’t already fallen asleep. Then when a Liberal is asked for his response he’ll reply with something like “SEE! SEE! Those Republicans want old people to eat dog food and live in cardboard boxes! They want to take your Social Security checks and give them to Enron so Ken Lay can buy a bigger yacht! Your grandfather is going to die on the street in front of the hospital because these Republicans want to take his corpse and grind it up to make soap!, etc,etc,etc.”

Now those are of course very broad generalizations but they’re generally accurate. If you listen to John Pilger, any editorialist in the Guardian, Robert Fisk, Ernest Hollings, Jesse Jackson, Michael Moore, Jimmy Carter, Robert Byrd, Helen Thomas in her editorials, Paul Begala, Bill Clinton since he got out of office, Al Sharpton, Charles Schumer, James Carville, anyone from Peta, Christopher Dodd, and most of the Democratic party around election time that’s about what they sound like. Well Coulter has adopted their style moreso than any other right-wing editorialist or pundit out there. She’s not the only one who does it and it’s not the only thing she does (you’ll hear more logic and rational arguments from Coulter than any of the Democrats mentioned above), but it’s her style. She comes in with both barrels blasting and doesn’t hesitate to paint Democrats with a broad brush in much the same way many Democrats hit Republicans. Many Democrats will tell you that Republicans are racist, in the pocket of big business, war mongers, want poor people to die, etc, etc, etc. Coulter has no problem telling you that she thinks Democrats are pork gobblin’, anti-American, wallet stealing, pro-criminal, anti-religious, unpatriotic, arrogant swine.

So you may ask me, “Hawkins, then what’s the difference between Coulter and all those Democrats you mentioned then?” Easy, Coulter’s right 90% of the time and they’re wrong 90% of the time. Plus, Coulter is dead sexy 😉

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