It’s Another Blogosphere Round-up: Here

It’s Another Blogosphere Round-up: Here a little news and info from across the Blogosphere…

The Vodka Pundit is MIA but Matt Welch, The Spoons Experience. & Dawn Olsen are back. Speaking of “Olsens”, I caught Walter Olson from Overlawyered on O’Reilly tonight. Congrats Walter!

Andrew Sullivan did some fantastic work yesterday and the USS Clueless has been pumping out outstanding editorials for the last couple of weeks. Since I’m giving credit where credit is due, Protein Wisdom, Isntapundit, C-Log, Joanne Jacobs, Tim Blair, Cold Fury, The Daily Pundit, and of course the unchallenged king of the blogosphere Glenn Reynolds have been putting out consistently top notch work of late.

A few other odds and ends…I think NZ Bear has one of the best looking pages in the blogosphere these days. It’s a clean design that’s easy to read and yet is packed with info and is attractive to the eye. I think it’s easily Sekimori’s best design. On the other hand, Athena from Leaning To The Right probably doesn’t have a lot of time to work on her site right now because she’s about to pop out a puppy. Also, the funniest political blogs out there: 1) RWN of course, 2) File 13’s Amish Tech Support, 3) Happy Fun Pundit, & 4) Possumblog.

That’s it for this space filling & time killing edition of blogosphere round-up. Look for this feature again the next time we run out of things to talk about here on RWN =D

***Update*** NZ Bear wrote in to say “Stacy over at Sekimori did the logo (the bear at the typewriter) for my site according to a spec I gave her — and
did a great job at it. But the rest of the design was all done by little old amateur me.”

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