It’s Official: The American People Favor The House Approach To Illegal Immigration

The data showing that Americans prefer a tough approach to illegal immigration just keeps on coming. Just take a look at this Zogby survey (yeah, I know it’s Zogby and you have to take his polls with a grain of salt, but still….) which actually allows Americans to choose between the Senate and the House bills:

The striking thing about this is that a majority of men, women, Hispanics, blacks, whites, conservatives, liberals, rich people, and poor people all support the House approach — and yet we have President Bush and these RINOS in the Senate teaming up with the overwhelming majority of Democrats and going, “Dur dur dur dur! Let’s do something different! It’ll be fun!”

Let’s face it, folks, this is about the closest thing to a universal consensus that you’re ever going to see in the American body politic and here we are, in an election year, and we have a majority of the Senate and the President saying, “We don’t care what you think!”

And they wonder why the American people seem so upset with Washington right now.

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