It’s The Law: Only Liberals Can Make Treason Accusations Without Media Screaming By Ace

Janet Granholm, the Canadian Governeur of Michigan, thinks those who accuse her of being an advocate for high taxation are traitors:

Last month the state legislature buried the Democratic Governor’s top legislative priority, a grandiose proposal to raise taxes on insurance companies, banks and thousands of small businesses that private studies said would have cost up to 20,000 jobs. Ms. Granholm’s plan was widely criticized, including in these columns in March and in an op-ed article on the opposite page last Thursday by state legislator Rick Baxter, a Republican, and Hillsdale College Professor Gary Wolfram.

Ms. Granholm was not pleased, going so far as to denounce the op-ed as “treasonous for the state of Michigan.” The authors’ high crime? Exposing Michigan as a high tax state and criticizing Ms. Granholm for wanting to raise taxes. Her choice of words was no inadvertent slip of the tongue, by the way–a Howard Dean-like temporary loss of sanity. The Governor has used the “t” word repeatedly and has even suggested that Mr. Baxter “should be removed from office.”

Hmmm… removed from office? For daring to express his opinion? Is she suggestign that a lawfully-elected state legislator be “removed from office” to chill his right to dissent?

Let’s recap:

* You’re a mouth-breathing troglodyte if you suggest that Ward Churchill should be removed from his unearned tenured position, inter alia, advocating the fragging of American military officers, plagiarism, falsification of sources, falsification of qualifications, and for comparing the victims of 9-11 to Nazis such as Adolf Eichmann.

* But you’re a rising star in the Democratic Party for suggesting that a legislator be “removed from office” for (correctly) pointing out that you are advocating an economically disastrous tax-and-spend policy.

* It’s wrong to accuse those who actively root for our country’s defeat in war, and who celebrate the deaths of American “mercenaries,” and who serve as apologists for terrorist murderers of (constructive, if not legal) treason.

* On the other hand, if an economics professor analyzes your tax-and-spend plans and deems them imprudent, he can and should be called “treasonous.”

Everyone clear on the rules?

PS: You will never hear of this story again. It just doesn’t serve the liberal Democratic Media’s Spirit Squad’s interests.

Your Liberal Media Spirit Squad

Start listening again to what we tell you morons or else we’ll say very very hurtful things to Scott McLellan. You do… *like* Scott McLellan, don’t you?

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