It’s Time For A European

It’s Time For A European Superhero!: Captain Planet must be overjoyed because he’s now the 2nd lamest superhero on the planet. Without further adieu, let me introduce you to Europe’s greatest superhero, Captain Euro

“Captain EURO® is an internationally registered brand created by Twelve Stars Communications. He’s fun. He’s friendly and he appeals to all Europeans because he’s totally multicultural and non-political. In other words, he is a true European – through and through.”

“…As Captain EURO and his partner, EUROPA, embark on one mission after another, breath-taking adventures unravel before them. The two take off at a second’s notice, bringing together millions of Europeans and protecting wildlife and the environment as they go.”

Will the excitement ever stop?

Most superheroes spend their days fighting criminals, fighting evil wherever they find it, and saving the planet from aliens and hostile supervillains. But not Captain Euro. He spends his time protecting art galleries, competing in sporting events, and trying to stop the fearsome bad guys who want too ‘divide Europe’.

Thanks to Something Awful for introducing me to the wonders of Captain Euro, a superhero who truly represents European values!

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