It’s Time For Tom DeLay To Go — Part 2

Getting rid of Tom DeLay is not about appeasing the Democrats, nor is it even ultimately about the bad publicity this indictment will bring before DeLay is eventually, in all liklihood, exonerated. It’s about removing a Republican, from a leadership position, who is such a spendthrift that he makes Jimmy Carter look like Scrooge McDuck.

Now if this were the Tom DeLay of a decade ago, he’d be worth continuing to fight for. But, from a conservative perspective, Tom DeLay is like an old, washed-up running back whose best days are behind him.

Unfortunately, because the coach — in this case, the Republicans in the House — remember the glory days, the team hasn’t been willing to replace him. Well, the running back finally got into some real trouble, maybe it’s his fault and maybe it’s not, but in either case, it may give us a chance to finally get him off the playing field.

You know what Tom DeLay is today? He’s just another Republican who got to Washington and eventually became more interested in hanging onto power than trying to make this country a better place to live by fighting for conservative principles.

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That’s the real reason why he needs to be removed from a leadership position.

So, although conservatives should go to the wall to defend “The Hammer” if they think he’s innocent — and even at this early date, it sounds as if he is — there’s no reason to stubbornly demand that DeLay keep his leadership position despite the fact that he’s fast becoming a political liability.

Do you care about fiscal conservatism? Well, here’s one of the biggest spenders in Washington, a man who may be every bit as responsible as Bush for the ballooning Federal deficit, and this indictment is a great chance to get rid of him while showing the public that the GOP won’t tolerate even the appearance of corruption.

Opportunity is knocking at the door for conservatives who want to see something done about spending and they shouldn’t wait for it to knock twice. It may seem cruel for conservatives to pitch DeLay under a bus for something like this, but if the pols in Washington come to the conclusion that DeLay received minimal support from the base because he abandoned conservative principles, that could give them exactly the sort of attitude adjustment that they so desperately need.

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