It’s Time To Take A Stand On An Important Issue: Chelsea Clinton Is Hot

I’ve always felt kind of bad for Chelsea Clinton because her teenage years must have been brutal. Here she is growing up in the White House, in the spotlight, and not only is dad cheating on mom — which is traumatic in and of itself — the whole world knows about it. Plus, 1/2 the country hated her dad’s guts — oh, and the “ugly jokes.” Here’s a little kid and you have all these people yukking it up about how unattractive you are.

Well, Chelsea is all grown up now and her pops is out of the White House, but you still have people making ugly jokes. Check this one out from Moxie:

“I know this may sound mean, but thinking practically, why would anyone offer 40 goats and 20 cows in exchange for just one cow?


In case you haven’t heard, there’s some guy in Kenya who offered goats and cows to Bill for Chelsea’s hand in marriage and so Chelsea is supposed to be the cow…you get the idea.

One problem: the joke doesn’t work anymore — at least if you’ve seen Chelsea — because wow, she is looking *** hot: ***

Granted, that’s a particularly good pic of Chelsea, but just look at her: ouch! That’s the type of girl who makes your head swivel when you pass her on the street.

Of course, my gut instinct is that she’s probably a psychotic mess because of how rough she had it during the Clinton years, but there’s no proof of that and when you look like that, it wipes away a lot of faults =D

So give Chelsea a break, admit she’s attractive and also remember that now no one can ever say that I’ve never said a nice word about the Clintons. =D

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