Jenna Marries, Liberals Seethe

I had no intention of writing another “liberals seethe” post regarding Jenna Bush’s nuptials. Been there, done that. Yet, this one caught my eye. Why? Because it was not the DU, Kosbat, HuffPost, or any of the usual suspects.

Here is the winning comment for Most Compassionate Liberal

A gross filthy little *** who eats our food, drinks our water, and vomits in our faces.

These Bushes are like a VD infection, some kind of gross bacteria parasites, wasting our substance with their drunken parties and immoral filthy behavior. They do no work, they contribute nothing to this nation, and they live the high life of absolute indolent waste on their little “ranches” in OUR state of Texas, why must we continue to tolerate these gross indolent thieves?

Liberals sure love their fellow Americans. Such tolerance and love.

Other pleasant responses

  • Do you think maybe this was a shotgun wedding? It appeared to me that Dubya might be a proud grandpa in about months!!
  • I wonder how many of their weddings presents were paid for with some of the billions in blood money her father”s war profiteer friends have made?
  • Her father has murdered more then 4,000 of our brave young troops. More then 4,000 young men and women that will never have families or at least never be part of their lives. And then there are the tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians the he has slaughtered. And for what? Only for the profit of the already rich. Nothing more. They all died so his friends could get richer. That”s it. That”s the sickening truth. They died for money and greed! they all died in vain. And I”m supposed to be happy that the daughter of a mass murdering war criminal got married? Fu*ck ”em!
  • Ten bucks says it”s over within the year. Any takers?
  • I hope she someday comes to realize that she is the spawn of hell and turns on her father for the murders and war crimes he has committed. I hope she comes to a place where she hates him forever.
  • Tough sh*it. this is no different then announcing the marriage of Hitler”s daughter. Why should I be happy with all of the blood her father has dripping from his hands? he is a war criminal and a mass-murderer. He is scum. He is what maggots puke up. It doesn”t matter if she “seems decent”, she is the child of a demon who deserves to DIE!
  • I hope their marriage goes as well as W”s term! You live by the sword……
  • The coward daughter of a coward father weds a coward dickless son-in-law.
  • Aw gee, isn”t that nice. That warms my heart almost as much as watching a tramp blow chunks in a sewer. Have a nice honeymoon brat and brat-ess.
  • A match cursed in hell.
  • I hope they”ve both been sterilized so as not to spawn any more GOP scum.

Can’t you just feel the love? I get a thrilling up my leg from the love.

Oh, the source of said comments? That would be CBS News on the web. Screenshot of the first comment here.

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Early evening update: Half of the comments, including the main excerpted one, have been wacked. Apparently, someone is actually awake at CBS News. You can still see the screen shot above, though.

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