Jerome Corsi: Glarp! Fleep! North American Union!!! Flashizzle! Amero! Flargh!

After noticing that I stuck him in the number 3 slot on, “The 21 Most Annoying People On The Right In 2006,” conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi wrote a 775 word response at Human Events.

Incidentally, earlier this week, Corsi also wrote an almost 3000 word response to a Michael Medved column panning the North American Union conspiracy theory.

You know, maybe it’s just me, but when you have to write two columns in the same week trying to convince your fellow conservatives that you’re not really as crazy as people think you are, it could be a bad sign.

PS: In both columns, Corsi treats Robert Pastor, a university professor, who has talked about the Amero and advocates more integration between the US, Mexico, and Canada, as some sort of central figure in this plot. Can I tell you a little secret? Something I haven’t written about previously?

A while back, I actually had a phone conversation with Robert Pastor. He says that he hasn’t met with anyone in the Bush Administration on any kind of merger between the US, Mexico, and Canada & to the best of his knowledge, no one in the Bush Administration is working on a North American Union or an Amero. Additionally, he added that an Amero was just one of three ideas that he floated in one of his books. So, even the father of the Amero idea isn’t committed to an Amero. He also added that until he talked to me, he didn’t realize that anyone out there bought into the North American Union conspiracy theory other than (I believe these are his exact words), “fringe lunatics.”

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Update #1: Since this response has been linked by Human Events, RWN is being inundated by people who have been duped by Corsi, so, even though I think it is a ridiculous subject, sort of akin to proving that the moon isn’t made of green cheese, let me take just a moment to undercut the key legs of Corsi’s wacky conspiracy theory.

What is the conspiracy theory?

“President Bush is pursuing a globalist agenda to create a North American Union, effectively erasing our borders with both Mexico and Canada. This was the hidden agenda behind the Bush administration’s true open borders policy….Why doesn’t President Bush just tell the truth? His secret agenda is to dissolve the United States of America into the North American Union.” — Jerome Corsi

What about the Council of Foreign Relations? They’re not a government entity. So, whatever the group suggests or doesn’t suggest, it has nothing to do with the Bush Administration.

The report by the Council of Foreign Relations task force, “Building A North American Community,” doesn’t call for building a North American superstate. Nor for that matter, does the Council of Foreign Relations.

The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America? They’re not based on anything the Council of Foreign Relations has said or the “Building A North American Community” report. Furthermore, they don’t advocate building a North American Union or the creation of an Amero.

Robert Pastor is not a member of the Bush Administration and he, and any other college professor, can advocate anything they want, but that doesn’t mean that the Bush administration supports it.

NASCO has nothing to do with the Bush administration, nor do they advocate building a North American Union. They’re a business group that is working to build more traffic up and down a particular stretch of highway.

The Trans-Texas Corridor? Again, it has nothing to do with the Bush Administration. It’s a road project, in Texas, that NASCO supports because it will mean more money for their stretch of highway.

So, what is the tie between the Bush Administration and the “North American Union” and an “Amero” supposed to be? There simply is none. Nobody in the Administration is advocating a North American Union or the Amero. Nobody in the Bush Administration is working on it.

As far as President Bush goes, yes, he stinks on illegal immigration and he’s a free trader, like most people in the Republican party. But, he’s also a lame duck President who is going to be out of office in two years. Do you think he’s going to show up on TV one day in late 2007 and say, “I thought I’d let you know that the dollar is being replaced by the Amero and we’re merging with Canada and Mexico?” Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? Do you realize that he couldn’t even do something like that without a Constitutional Convention? Have you put any thought into how he would pull that off since a merger of this sort would be almost universally opposed in the United States?

On Jerome Corsi, yes, he’s associated with the Minutemen and Swift Boat Vets for Truth. He also has a PHD. But, there are former government officials and PHD’s who run around spinning 9/11 conspiracy theories, too. Moreover, we’re talking about a guy who was originally claiming that the Bush Administration was going to secretly expand Canada to include NAFTA — even though Canada was already in NAFTA. Doesn’t that tell you a little something?

Last but not least, all this conspiracy mongering is doing is creating a new “black helicopter crowd” on the right. It’s every bit as ridiculous and embarrassing as the “Loose Change” theories on the left about how the government was behind 9/11…and if you read everything that has ever been written on this conspiracy, you’ll still never find one person in the Bush Administration who has advocated a merger of the US, Mexico, and Canada or an Amero. Nor will you find any evidence that they’ve ever done anything more than the standard (We need to work hard to improve our cooperation with our neighbors stuff) that we’ve been doing for decades.

All Corsi and Company are doing is pointing out that there is a small number of people in the United States who’d like to create a North American Union and noting that the Bush Administration works with Canada and Mexico on certain issues and then treating that as de facto evidence of a bizarre and far reaching conspiracy. That’s just not the case. We’re not going to “dissolve the United States.” The dollar isn’t going to disappear. The Supreme Court isn’t going to be replaced by some council of judges from Toronto and Mexico City. There isn’t going to be a Mexi-Cana-Merica. So, rest easy on that count.

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