Jesse Jackson Cancels Hamas Talks

Jesse Jackson Cancels Hamas Talks After Bombing: Why did Jesse cancel his meeting with these terrorists? Sure they killed some people, including five Americans, but that’s what they do isn’t it? Didn’t Jesse understand that before he went over there to try to get his face on TV? It’s like canceling a meeting with Britney Spears because she did a concert last night. But here’s Jesse’s lame reasoning…

“We canceled that meeting to show respect for the victims and their families,” Jackson told Reuters in a telephone interview after turning around at the Israel-Gaza border.

“We feel no useful purpose would be served to meet under the current conditions,” he said.

What useful purpose could ever be served by meeting with Hamas? The only question worth asking them is, “What is your current location?” Maybe you could follow that up with, “Are there any civilians who would be killed if we shot a missile into the building you’re in” but that’s probably a little too obvious.

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