Jew Hatred In Berlin – Again?

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this sort of thing in Germany, right?

“A tragedy was avoided on Sunday after a smoke bomb, thrown through a window of a Jewish kindergarten in Berlin, failed to ignite.

However, the school, located in a northwest neighbourhood of the German capital, was not spared by the spray painting of swastikas, other Nazi symbols and anti-Semitic phrases, such as “Auschwitz,” “Juden Raus” (Jews, get out) and “Sieg Heil”, on its outer walls, as well as on toys that had been lying around in the school’s playground.

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A police spokesman said the attack did not cause serious damage or endanger children or staff at the school.”

I’m a little amazed that there are still Jews living in Germany because the Germans can talk about how much they’ve reformed, but you know there will always be a current of deep, virulent anti-semitism in that country. Just imagine being a Jew in Germany and knowing that most of the 80 or 90 year olds you see on the street supported gassing people like you and now, those people are sitting their great-grand children on their knees and telling them about the world.

It’s actually a little creepy and the only surprising thing is that you don’t see these anti-semitic incidents more regularly in Germany.

Hat tip to Little Green Footballs.

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