John Dvorak: Blogging Is A Niche Market Because Nobody Reads My Blog

I find it ironic that John C. Dvorak, whom I’ve only heard of because he writes a column slamming blogging every few weeks which inevitably draws stern rebukes from across the blogosphere, has his own blog.

But even more ironic is this egocentric line from Dvorak’s latest column:

“Having become a blogger myself, I feel even more inclined to write a column once in a while with various gripes and complaints. But I looked at my readership numbers over the past few years, and the fact is that most people still do not care about blogging. I’m now convinced that blogging is a niche market.”

So if nobody cares about blogging, why does Dvorak keep incessantly yammering about it in his PC Magazine column? Moreover, he concluded that blogging was a “niche market” because nobody reads his blog =D? Lol, maybe you’re just not that interesting, Dvorak — ever think of that?

The people at PC Magazine should certainly think about it. If nobody is interested in reading Dvorak’s blog despite the fact that he’s linking to it from his column in PC Mag, isn’t it safe to assume that he’s not reeling in that many permanent readers to PC Mag either? So why not replace him with some tech blogger who — unlike Dvorak — has proven he can bring in and retain eyeballs?

If the MSM were smart, they’d be doing a lot more of that because if you can build an audience from scratch in the blogosphere, then you certainly have what it takes to help a magazine or newspaper attract faithful readers. However, the reverse isn’t necessarily true as Dvorak proves =D

Hat tip to Instapundit for the link to Dvorak’s column.

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