John Edwards Exposed: How This Scandal Reveals The “Rielle” Scandal–Media Bias

The comparisons being made between John Edwards and Larry Craig make little sense. Craig was convicted of solicitation, a crime, if a feeble one. Edward’s only crime is a moral one–if you have morals or believe in a moral code, which the Left does not. “Edwards Love Child, Yawn” is about the reaction.

The better comparison is between John Edwards and that big-church pastor in Colorado. I can’t even remember his name, but one look at his picture and I thought, “he is so gay”. A vindictive gay lover outed the pastor’s proclivities and alleged drug use. The media didn’t just investigate, they gloatingly relished reporting this man’s shame. Ace’s headline said it all, “Biggest Story Of The Century: Some Guy You Never Heard Of Is A Homo”. The pastor was not elected. He was not running for office. No crime had been committed (that had been confirmed). And the Left and press doesn’t give hare’s hootenany who screws who unless exposing the screwing person will benefit the Left somehow. Then all bets are off. But the pastor was conservative and extolled virtue, which made him a target if he ever displayed anything but virtue. In Edwards case, he’s a ambulance-chasing attorney who bloviated populist tripe–so he clearly has no virtue to besmirch. Oh, and he’s a Democrat.

Exposing Edward’s infidelity, love child, and the fact that it occurred while the loving father just happened to be running for president while his cancer-stricken wife campaigned for him benefits no one on the Left. In fact, it makes Edwards look like a scumbag and those who trusted his word a few months ago like a bunch of willful ignoramuses.

Thus the American media silence. Thus the media’s shameful bias.

If you read a newspaper in England, you’ll get the obvious conclusion. Not so, in America. Just try to imagine what the media storm would be like had Mitt Romney hid some love child somewhere. Imagine. Yeah.

Some people on the Left are getting the implications. The Google search is still amazingly thin. I did find pictures of Edwards with his new baby, though. Was it at the New York Times? No. The Washington Post? No. Was it at a right-wing blog? Yes.

No matter how you cut this story, it’s news. Well, it would be if Edwards had an “R” after his name.

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