John Edwards: If You Elect Me President, I’ll Raise Your Taxes!

If you want evidence that the Democrats have let their victory in 2006 go to their heads, this will do as well as any:

“Presidential candidate John Edwards is embracing a position that has been political suicide in the past — admitting he would raise taxes.

The 2004 vice presidential nominee is betting that voters will back the idea in exchange for the promise of quality health coverage for all, part of the first major domestic policy initiative from a Democratic White House hopeful.

The tax increase would pay for the plan’s cost of up to $120 billion a year. Edwards’ proposal would require that every business provide health care coverage for employees or help them pay for it and every American has insurance.”

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Democrats always want to raise taxes, but since Walter Mondale proposed a tax increase during the 1984 campaign and went on to lose 49 states, the Dems typically just lie about their plans until they get into office.

Now, will this proposal hurt Edwards in the primaries? Probably not. After all, liberals love high taxes. But, if he were to actually win the nomination, he would be pounded on his “tax increase for socialized lawyercare” for a solid year.

So, why is Edwards even suggesting a tax increase? Because every time the Democrats win an election, they manage to convince themselves that this time, it’s not because the Republicans did a poor job, it’s because the American people now love socialism and have decided that France is the sort of nation we should aspire to become. They’ve always been wrong about that before, they’re wrong about it this time, and if they continue to overreach on issues like this, they’ll pay a big price for it in 2008.

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