John Edwards, The Democratic National Convention, & A Rielle Hunter Inspired Catch-22

Since the National Enquirer caught the Silky Pony at a hotel room with his mistress, Rielle Hunter, the media landscape has been surreal.

Even though Fox News has spoken with a security guard who has confirmed that Edwards was there, this huge story has been largely ignored by most of the mainstream press.

In some cases, the Left has even gone to bizarre lengths to try to keep the story quiet. After a blogger at the LA Times wrote about the story, they ordered their bloggers not to discuss the story again. Even Wikipedia initially blocked any mentions of the story on John Edwards’ page (As of today, they do have a small mention of the story).

In July 2008, several news media outlets speculated that Edwards’ chances for the vice presidency were harmed by allegations published in The National Enquirer that he had fathered a child outside his marriage, and that he had recently visited the child’s mother in a Beverly Hills hotel.[59][60][61] When questioned, Edwards referred to the allegations as “tabloid trash”.[62]

The reaction on the left side of the blogosphere, with a few exceptions, has been to either ignore the story or protest that it’s not true.

……..Which brings us to the Democratic National Convention next month.

Certainly John Edwards would have been expected to speak prior to the Rielle Hunter affair breaking publicly and with Edwards denying it, the MSM covering it up, and the lefty bloggers defending him, you’ve got to wonder if he’ll still speak?

Now, your first thought would probably be, “There’s no way he ends up at the Democratic National Convention!” However, if he doesn’t speak, it’s tantamount to an admission that the story is true. After all, what other legitimate reason would he have to miss the convention?

Sure, if Edwards goes, it could be a debacle, but if he doesn’t, he has to tell his cancer stricken wife that he was running around on her, his absence will be a story in and of itself, and his political career, at least for the next decade or so until the story goes down the memory hole, is over.

So, what is the Breck Girl going to do? Does he suck it up and demand to be allowed to speak in Denver or does he slink away into political obscurity and shame? Time will tell.

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