John Kerry campaign documentary promises to be very ‘revealing’

Before I get started, I’d like to give a huge thanks to John for inviting me to guest blog here today. It’s an honor to be blogging here and also to be included on the fine list of bloggers John has lined up to guest blog here at RWN today. A mini-bio on me: I’m a former liberal who voted for Clinton the first time around, saw the light just a couple of years later and have never looked back nor have I ever regretted my switch from liberalism to conservatism. It feels good to be a conservative, even though some members of the Republican party don’t always act like conservatives.

Now, with that said, let’s turn to the New York Daily News’ Lloyd Grove, who is reporting today on a documentary about the failed presidential campaign of Senator John Kerry called “Inside the Bubble”, directed by Steve Rosenbaum . Here’s more:

I hear that John Kerry loyalists are kicking themselves for cooperating last year with filmmaker Steve Rosenbaum on “Inside the Bubble,” a potentially devastating behind-the-scenes look at the Massachusetts senator’s failed presidential campaign.

I’m also told that Hillary Clinton partisans are licking their chops to see the film, which “could end up being the silver bullet that kills Kerry’s presidential chances for 2008,” says a Lowdown spy.

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Kerry spinmeister David Wade – one of the senior staffers who allowed Rosenbaum to film his private moments – tried to dismiss Rosenbaum’s effort as “a childish home movie destined to be forgotten.”

Wade E-mailed me: “The 20 poor souls subjected to this movie will be reaching for caffeine and begging for old Lamar Alexander tapes on C-Span 2. Michael Moore has nothing to fear. I think the working title was ‘The Snore Room.'”

But people who’ve screened the documentary say it’s compelling and revealing.

It features, among other not-ready-for-prime-time moments, Clinton scowling and rolling her eyes over an apparent Kerry gaffe during a presidential debate; Kerry pretending to interview himself and babbling in Italian while waiting for a real interview to begin; Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) cursing at reporters during a campaign stop, and Kerry message guru Robert Shrum confidently declaring a few days before the 2004 election: “Zogby [a prominent pollster] just announced who’s gonna win. Us!”

Though this is a documentary (dare I say ‘docudrama’?) that I am most definitely interested in seeing, I can understand why those “Kerry loyalists” aren’t too keen on people seeing it. If I ran against a guy my supporters called things like Dumbya, Chimpy, Pretender in Chief, pResident, Rove puppet, and still lost, I’d be pretty embarassed for people to get an inside look on how it all fell apart, too. Perhaps it’ll provide some valuable insight for those in the DNC who have their eye on the ’08 prize as to what not to do on the path to the presidency. Of course, the Dems still haven’t gotten over losing in 2000 and seem to staunchly refuse to learn from their mistakes (see the ’02 and ’04 elections for more), so the insight this documentary will put forth may end up only providing a healthy dose of schadenfreude for us political junkies on the right out there who watched with major enjoyment the campaign of Senator John Kerry go down in flames. In fact, his entire campaign could be summed up in just three words: WMI – Weapon of Mass Implosion.

Grove goes on to report that the movie will be shown for the first time publicly on Thursday, but I couldn’t find word anywhere else as to when it will be available for the masses to see. If it’s anything like Alexandra Pelosi’s (daughter to House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy) documentary “Diary of a Political Tourist”, then “Inside the Bubble” will be well worth watching.

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