John Kerry Didn’t Support The Troops In His Post-Vietnam Days

The most underreported and unexplored story of the entire presidential campaign has been John Kerry’s time as an anti-war protestor. Here’s a guy who is selling himself to the American public as Sgt. York reincarnated and yet the same press which spent weeks hyperventilating over the unsupported & insubstantial “George Bush AWOL” story has shown scant interest in digging into Kerry’s Post-Vietnam days.

However, there are a plethra of great angles for front-page stories out there. Kerry spoke from the back of the same pick-up truck as hated anti-war protestor Jane Fonda, Kerry was present at a VVAW meeting where they “discussed and voted (against) an assassination plot against pro-war U.S. senators”, Kerry’s first Purple Heart turned out to be an accidentally self-inflicted scratch that was fixed with a band-aid which is particularly significant since his three purple hearts got him out of Vietnam and into the anti-war movement well before his tour of duty should have ended, all of Kerry’s former commanding officers think he’s unfit to be President, Kerry claimed that he committed atrocities in Vietnam, etc, etc, etc. (Cont)

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