John Kerry In Quotes: Version 4.0

Since John Kerry — or as I think of him, Senator Flip-Flop, is going to be introducing himself to the American people at the Democratic National Convention this week, I thought it would be a great time to let people know what John Kerry is really like….And he sure isn’t the centrist, tax cutting, hawk that he’s trying to convince people that is. After you read John Kerry in quotes version 4.0, that will be quite apparent…


“Mr. Kerry voted for the USA Patriot Act, Mr. Bush’s No Child Left Behind education bill and the Congressional resolution authorizing the president to use force in Iraq, only to sharply criticize all three once he became a presidential candidate. Mr. Kerry counters that his quarrel is with Mr. Bush’s execution of the policies, but he struggled for months to explain his shifting stance on the Iraq war.” — Todd S. Purdum, Jan 25, 2004 in the New York Times

“For those of us who are fortunate to share an Irish ancestry, we take great pride in the contributions that Irish-Americans” — Senate floor statement by John Kerry, 3/18/86

“(John Kerry) has never indicated to anyone that he was Irish and corrected people over the years who assumed he was” — Kerry spokeswoman Kelly Benander said in Feb, 2003

“I don’t believe in litmus tests, but I believe very strongly that the right to choose and the right to privacy are fundamental constitutional rights and I can’t imagine supporting a Supreme Court nominee who doesn’t share my view of the Constitution.” — John Kerry explains his Roe Vs. Wade litmus test after explaining that he doesn’t believe in litmus tests

“When it was popular to be a Massachusetts liberal, his voting record was that. When it was popular to be for the Iraq war, he was for it. Now it’s popular to be against it, and he’s against it.” — Jay Carson, a Dean campaign spokesman

“If that amendment does not pass, will you then vote against the $87 billion?” — The LA Times Doyle Mcmanus, 9/14/03

“I don’t think any United States senator is going to abandon our troops and recklessly leave Iraq to whatever follows as a result of simply cutting and running. That’s irresponsible. What is responsible is for the administration to do this properly now. And I am laying out the way in which the administration could unite the American people, could bring other countries to the table, and I think could give the American people a sense that they’re on the right track. There’s a way to do this properly. But I don’t think anyone in the Congress is going to not give our troops ammunition, not give our troops the ability to be able to defend themselves. We’re not going to cut and run and not do the job.” — John Kerry, 9/14/03

“I’m proud to say that John (Edwards) joined me in voting against that $87 billion …” — John Kerry, 7/12/04

“I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it.” — John Kerry


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