John Kerry’s Bizarre Abortion Views

For those few of you who are unfamiliar with the divisive debate about abortion, let me fill in some of the details for you. You see, for the most part, the argument revolves around when life begins.

Those of us who are staunchly opposed to abortion believe life begins at conception. So for us, in effect, there is no significant moral difference between aborting a fetus that was conceived five minutes ago and taking a baby out of his cradle and smashing his head with a rock. In both cases, an innocent human life has been savagely ended.

On the other hand, abortion advocates will tell you that life begins at some arbitrarily defined point — birth, the third trimester, when the baby can survive outside of the womb, something along those lines. Up until that point, they will tell you that the baby is simply a lump of flesh, a parasite, a pile of goo, etc, etc, anything but a human life. Therefore, they’ll tell you that it doesn’t matter if you abort the fetus because no human life is being lost. (Cont)

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