John Kerry’s Idea Of Patriotism — Give Me Your Money

The following is from a John Kerry editorial that ran today.

“…Senator Joe Biden and I have offered legislation to repeal tax cuts for individuals whose income are in the top 1 percent, and use the savings to pay for President Bush’s $87 billion request for Iraq.

With 130,000 troops sacrificing every day in Iraq, terribly unfunded domestic programs and historic debt growing in Washington, it is an equitable and responsible proposal. And I am confident that these patriotic Americans are prepared to sacrifice as well.”

Oh, so now Kerry is tying patriotism to paying higher taxes? So what if they’re not prepared to sacrifice THEIR MONEY, does that mean they’re NOT patriotic? That certainly seems to be what he’s implying doesn’t it?

Hey John Kerry, if paying higher taxes is YOUR definition of patriotism, why don’t you liquidate your wife’s half a billion dollar ketchup fortune and contribute it to the government? Then we could use the money to fund art made with animal feces, more statues of Robert Byrd, to protect endangered flies, and for all the rest of those “terribly unfunded domestic programs”.

PS: I just love how Kerry recognizes that having a large debt is bad, yet thinks we’re not spending nearly enough, and just expects people to give him more of THEIR MONEY — let me say that again for the benefit of the tax and spend crowd on the left, THEIR MONEY — to fund whatever he wants to do.

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