John McCain’s Dishonest Flip-Flops On Immigration Continue: He’s Now For Two Opposing Plans Simultaneously

John McCain was one of the Senate’s biggest advocates of comprehensive immigration reform, which entails putting illegals on the path to citizenship while simultaneously putting security reforms in place that would be thwarted at the first convenient opportunity by members of Congress.

The American people rejected that plan and conservatives were on track to reject John McCain’s candidacy when he flip flopped on the issue and started supporting a security first position.

A security first position on illegal immigration entails securing the border and improving enforcement first before illegals are put on the path to citizenship — if they’re ever put on that path at all. In John McCain’s case, he explicitly said that he wanted security first and then he’d put illegals on the path to citizenship. Fine.

But then, after winning the primaries, McCain broke his promise and started advocating comprehensive immigration reform again.

After he was attacked by conservatives who were angry that he had broken such a huge campaign promise, he started weaving back and forth. In one appearance, he’d promise comprehensive immigration reform. In another, he’d promise security first.

Well now, McCain seems to have settled on a new lie: he has started promising both security first and comprehensive immigration reform, which is what he did yesterday when he talked to the vile racist group, La Raza. This is sort of like promising to be keep people dry and wet at the same time — and it makes no sense.

If you’re going to deliver real security right off the bat, why would you need to deliver security later as part of a comprehensive bill? If you’re going to leave key security measures out at the beginning and only deliver them later as part of a comprehensive bill, then we’re back to square one, where you have to believe they’ll never really be implemented.

Now some people will say that conservatives should turn a blind eye to John McCain’s outrageous lies on this subject, but that’s the wrong approach. This is a guy who has made the words “Straight Talk” central to his campaign and meanwhile, he’s breaking a pledge as big as George Bush’s “Read My Lips, No New Taxes” promise BEFORE the election. That’s not to say that Obama isn’t a shameless liar, too, because he is. But, what should be kept in mind is that if John McCain catches any political hell for being a dishonest man, that’s a situation he created by being dishonest, not a situation created by those of us who are pointing it out.

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