John Murtha Lies Through His Teeth About General David Petraeus

The Democrats are absolutely determined to lose the war in Iraq for political reasons and if that means trashing and lying about David Petraeus because he actually wants to win, well so be it.

Take a look at the lie John Murtha told about Petraeus on the Chris Matthews show,

“Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) this week criticized Gen. David Petraeus for not meeting with members of Congress during a recent visit to Washington, D.C., to report on the status of operations in Iraq, but not only did the commander of Multinational Force – Iraq meet with hundreds of lawmakers, he personally briefed Murtha himself.

Murtha told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Tuesday, “They bring Petraeus back – purely political move. Petraeus comes back here. He doesn’t talk to any of us. He only talks to the news media and so forth trying to sell this program.”

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But a senior Defense Department official told Cybercast News Service that Petraeus personally briefed Murtha and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in an April 24 phone conference that lasted 20-30 minutes.

The following day, Petraeus conducted two 90-minute, top-secret level operations intelligence briefings for representatives and senators.

The first, to which all members of the House of Representatives had been invited, was attended by 250 congressmen, and the second was attended by 86 senators. After brief opening statements at the two briefings, Petraeus spent the remaining time answering questions from the congressmen in attendance.

…”According to an administration official, Pelosi and Armed Services Chairman Ike Skelton (D-Mo.) initially declined recent requests from the Defense Department to schedule a briefing … panel aides said they were ‘too busy’ to schedule a meeting next week, the administration official said. A second attempt to set up a briefing with the Speaker’s office was likewise declined,” the newspaper reported.

House Minority Leader John Boehner [R-Ohio] criticized Pelosi’s reluctance to meet in person with Petraeus.

The Washington Times on April 26 quoted Boehner as saying that Pelosi had met with President Bashar Assad of Syria – designated a state sponsor of terror by the State Department – but that she “somehow can’t find the time to meet with the American general in charge of our troops fighting the global war on terror.”

Here’s one of Nancy Pelosi’s primary allies, a man she backed for the Whip position, telling a bold faced lie on the Chris Matthews show — and this is real lie. Not a, “You thought he had weapons of mass destruction, just like we did, and he didn’t so you lied,” lie, but a real, honest to goodness, I’m going to say something that I know isn’t true for the world to hear because I think I can get away with it, lie.

This tells you something about how confident the Democrats are that the mainstream media has their back. Not only is Murtha going after a general in the field directing a war, not because he’s ineffective, but because he wants to win the war, but Murtha believes he can lie like this, in public, with thousands of other people knowing the truth, and not pay any price for it whatsoever in the MSM.

In the next day or two, we’ll find out if he’s right.

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