John Pilger: A Member Of The Pro-Terrorist Left

Take a look at this Q&A from John Pilger, a popular, “mainstream,” lefty pundit in Australia who has been published at the BBC, LA Times, New York Times, The Guardian, Daily Mirror, & The Sydney Morning Herald among other places …

Q: Do you think the anti-war movement should be supporting Iraq’s anti-occupation resistance?

John Pilger: Yes, I do. We cannot afford to be choosy. While we abhor and condemn the continuing loss of innocent life in Iraq, we have no choice now but to support the resistance, for if the resistance fails, the “Bush gang” will attack another country. If they succeed, a grievous blow will be suffered by the Bush gang.

So here we have a prominent left-winger who is openly rooting for American troops to die, rooting for the terrorists to win, rooting for a resistance that murders many more Iraqi civilians than American soldiers, & in effect rooting for Democracy in Iraq to collapse, as long as it hurts Bush.

How sad is it to see left-wingers like Pilger making common cause with the likes of Al-Qaeda & Saddam Hussein just because George Bush is their mutual enemy? After making comments this beyond the pale, John Pilger shouldn’t be able to get a job as a janitor at any reputable newspaper, but I’ll be surprised if he’s even condemned by a significant number of well known left-wingers. Maybe, just maybe, the left will rise to the occasion for once and slam one of their own for siding with the terrorists against America, but somehow I doubt it…

Hat tip to Whacking Day for finding this one.

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