Judge Ginsburg And I Have At Least One Thing In Common

This drawing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg actually going to sleep during oral arguments has to be the funniest pic of a Supreme Court Justice in action that I’ve ever seen:

To me, this is a very bold move, to just put your head down for 15 minutes and zonk out. I mean personally, when I was in a dull meeting and couldn’t hold my eyes open a moment longer, my technique was to lean my head on my hand, which sort of shaded my eyes. Then the big struggle was to keep my eyes open and my mouth closed as I became progressively sleepier because some yammering manager went on for 45 minutes about a pointless issue that could have been covered in a 3 sentence email.

Of course, I was just a peon in those meetings, while Ginsburg is an untouchable Supreme Court Justice. So, I guess she can get away with just putting her head down and starting to count sheep.

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PS: After retirement, there’s lots of time to sleep, Ruthie, old girl — and you don’t have to worry one bit because Bush can appoint a very qualified replacement for you. Just pointing that out in case she’s so inclined ]=D

Hat tip to NewsBusters for the pic.

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