Karl Rove’s Legacy

As most of you have probably already heard, Karl Rove has resigned.

Rove is generally considered to be a political genius and undoubtedly, he knows a lot about politics and running a campaign. However, his reputation seems a bit undeserved given how disastrous the last two and a half years of the Bush Administration have been.

I mean, if you’re the primary political adviser to a candidate who hasn’t even been polling consistently in the forties since early 2005, you’re either doing a terrible job, the candidate is a nightmare, or some combination thereof.

Given how well Bush did in his first term and some of the really terrible ideas Rove has reportedly been behind, like comprehensive immigration reform and the Medicare Prescription drug benefit, you have to think that he has had a lot to do with Bush’s lack of political acumen in his second term.

There are rumors floating around that Rove may be leaving to help one of the GOP candidates in 2008, but honestly, with his track record over the last couple of years, would anyone really want to base his political future on Karl Rove’s advice?

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