Katrina: Barbour Up, Blanco Down By James Joyner

A SurveyUSA poll of all the state governors reveals that all of the governors whose states were directly hit by Hurricane Katrina had a major boom in job approval compared with the previous month, with the notable exception of Louisiana’s Kathleen Blanco.

Haley Barbour (R, Mississippi) +26
Bob Riley (R, Alabama) +21
Mike Easley (D, North Carolina) +19
Sonny Perdue (R, Georgia) +18
Rick Perry (R, Texas) +17
Kathleen Blanco (D, Louisiana) -22
The gap between Barbour and Blanco, who lead the states most devastated by Katrina, could scarely be more stark.

Source: 50 State Governor Approval 0905 Sorted by Net Approval

Via Taegan Goddard

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