Keira Knightley Is Closer To Being An “Insignificant Speck” Than She Realizes.

(Last night, I was chatting with my buddy Cassy Fiano about actress Keira Knightley saying that she wants to give up showbiz and become an “insignificant speck”. Cassy gave me permission to put the edited transcript up on RWN.)

Cassy Fiano: Keira Knightley is also saying she wants to quit acting so she can become an “insignificant speck.”

John Hawkins: Who’s Keira Knightley?

Cassy Fiano: Pirates of the Caribbean. Domino. She said that she wants to quit acting so she can become an insignificant speck.

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John Hawkins: Ha! She’s got to be exaggerating. I bet she could like, go to Pizza Hut and nobody would even know who she was.

Cassy Fiano: I doubt she’s exaggerating. Hollywood types are usually that full of themselves, whether it’s true or not. I’m sure she believes herself to be important.

John Hawkins: It’s not like every time she goes out there are swarms of people going “Ooooh. it’s Keira Knightley! Get an autograph! We love you Keira! Keira, have my babies!” Someone probably asked for her autograph at Blockbuster two weeks ago and it freaked her out.

Cassy Fiano: Heh. She was whining about being on a lot of websites being called anorexic. But, the thing is, she more than likely IS anorexic.

John Hawkins: Well, in the movie, she was flat chested enough to pass as a man on a ship full of sailors. So, that tells you a little something about how thin she is.

Cassy Fiano: That picture = enough said.

Keira Knightley

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