Kent State University: Paying A Professor To Promote Jihad

Not only should this professor at Kent State be fired, he should be put on trial for treason and executed if he’s convicted (and if the blog referenced is his, he deserves to be convicted):

“Yesterday afternoon, I logged on to the “Global War” blog ( of Associate Professor Julio Pino — a Muslim convert who teaches at Kent State University. The heading for the site used to read “The Worldwide Web of Jihad: Daily News from the Most Dangerous Muslim in America.” Now it reads “Are You Prepared for Jihad?” IN THE NAME OF OBL. 2007: THE YEAR OF ISLAMIC VICTORY!”

…Pino began his morning of not going into his office at Kent State by penning a post under the title “Frightened British Crusaders Rush More Troops to Occupied Afghanistan.” Using terms like “occupation” and “Crusaders” it isn’t really necessary to read these posts in order to ascertain who this employee of the State of Ohio is rooting for in the War on Terror.

But, just in case you were curious about the purpose of this site, it is provided in the upper right corner: “We are a jihadist news service, and provide battle dispatches, training manuals, and jihad videos to our brothers worldwide. All we want is to get Allah’s pleasure. We will write ‘Jihad’ across our foreheads, and the stars. The angels will carry our message throughout the world.”

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…Although obsessed with the notion that America is being over-run by “Christian fascism,” he has affectionately referred to his students his “little Jihadists” and his “beloved Taliban.” In other words, he makes no bones about the fact that he works to indoctrinate, not educate, the children of the taxpayers of the State of Ohio.”

Incidentally, this isn’t a new story. From an April 21, 2006 story in the Columbus Dispatch:

“Kent State University has been dealing for several years with the case of a Muslim professor, Julio Pino, who calls himself “the most dangerous Muslim in America.”

Pino, a tenured associate history professor, angered some faculty members in 2002 when he wrote a column in the school newspaper that was an ode to a Palestinian suicide bomber. Pino called the bomber a martyr.

English professor Lewis Fried called on the university to fire Pino, but Kent State President Carol Cartwright said at the time that the school supports the free exchange of ideas.

Pino now has a blog on the Internet where he writes that U.S. servicemen are butchers who massacre Iraqis and urges readers to “join the Islamic resistance.”

Defending this sort of garbage under the “free exchange of ideas” is ludicrous, but sadly all too typical for American colleges. Being “pro-Islamic resistance” and rooting for Osama Bin Laden isn’t something that should be covered by “academic freedom.” Treasonous statements should not be tolerated or treated as simply another legitimate point of view by university presidents or anyone else in American society.

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