Kos Kooks Are Already Blaming Obama Loss on Voting Machines

It looks like the moonbats at Daily Kos can smell a drubbing coming their way. The inevitable tinfoil-hat gibbering about stolen elections has already begun. A Kostard calling itself midwestvoter snivels:

“We are really going to do this; Man, it’s really going to happen!”, I kept thinking. The more I thought about what is possible with Obama and Biden the more emotional I felt. Laying there, I cried again just thinking about Biden sprinting on to the stage, him nailing McCain’s inability to relate to kitchen table issues with the most charming dig I’ve ever seen, and his ability to compliment Obama’s commitment to the middle and working classes. It was just such a beautiful day. Then it hit. Without warning, my heart started pounding enough to hurt, I felt a bit panicked and I didn’t know if I was having a mild heart attack or some sort of panic attack. I was consumed with doom all of a sudden, out of nowhere. Then it hit me, “How can we lose when we have everything on our side? It was the answer I came up as quickly as the question entered my mind that caused my distress. The answer was “BECAUSE EVIL WANTS IT MORE”.

We have history on our side, we have two candidates, two genuine leaders, to navigate us out of the darkness greed and selfishness has inflicted on our ideals and threatens to destroy the American Dream. We have the people finally waking up, realizing they’ve been used, getting mad finally and taking action and we have the truth breaking past the corporate filters, paid hacks and shills, via the internet communities. We have it all and this should be our time. But we are ignoring the 800lb gorrilla in the room and that is the voting machines that after 8 years of rigged elections STILL AREN’T RELIABLE!

Imagine having the dream of an Obama bin Biden regime daggled in front of your snout, only to have it snatched away by Diebold! The world can be cruel to moonbats — though it could never be cruel enough to the weepy paranoiacs found hanging from the ceiling at Daily Kos.

Via Hot Air, actual Kostards amid their tinfoil hats.

On a tip from Todd D. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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