Land For Cooking Utensils Or Those Jews Stole Everything But The Kitchen Sink 3500 Years Ago

The reparations lawsuits are of course completely ridiculous. But, you want to know what would make them even sillier? Imagine if white people were suing blacks because their ancestors carried away some farming tools when they were freed from slavery. Well, here’s something that’s just as laughable as that…

“Egyptians may sue Jews over the Exodus

CAIRO, Aug. 21 (UPI) — A dean at Egypt’s University of Al-Zaqaziq is preparing a lawsuit against “all the Jews of the world,” accusing them of stealing gold during the exodus.

The university’s dean of law, Nabil Hilmi, told the Egyptian weekly newspaper Al-Ahram Al-Arabi the Jews during the exodus “stole from the Pharaonic Egyptians gold, jewelry, cooking utensils, silver ornaments, clothing and more …”

Asked why cooking utensils might have been taken, Hilmi said “… this had been the Jews’ twisted way throughout history; they seek to cause a minor problem connected with the needs of everyday life so as to occupy people with these matters and prevent them from pursuing them to get back the stolen gold …”

Hilmi said the “debt” could be rescheduled over 1,000 years, with the addition of the cumulative interest during that period.”

Yeah, there’s lots of hope for peace in the Middle-East when you have people who are still bitter because they think the Jews stole silverware from the pharaohs who were enslaving them 3500 years ago.

I’d love to actually see people polled all over the Middle-East on this lawsuit, because I bet you there’d be majorities supporting it in some countries. But they’d have to hurry or the UN might pass a resolution condemning Israel because their ancestors were thieves & that might skew the polling. Then, next thing you know, we’d have people blowing themselves up on buses and demanding Egypt’s cooking utensils back.

Yep, I’m sure they’re just going to talk everything out and that peace plan should start working any day now…right after the Israelis give back the pharaoh’s gold plated tea kettle.

Hat tip to RWN reader Jim Lafronz for pointing out this story.

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