Latest HuffPo Conspiracy: Did John McCain Help Bait Russia Into Georgia

When all else fails for comedy on a Sunday afternoon, one can always turn to the leaders in the Nutroots, in this case, the Huffington Post, or, as I like to call them, the Hufftard Post (though, apparently, that is mean, though wishing death on President Bush, Dick Cheney, et al, isn’t. Go figure.) Did McCain Help Bait Russia into Georgia?

Now that the dust is settling the big question about the dust-up in Georgia remains: Why was Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili so stupid to start this war? (because he knows that wimps on the Left will usually keep America from taking action)

It looks like Saakashvili and Russia were both set up. (were those Black Helicopters I just saw flying around? Oh, no, wait, just Hummingbirds)

Who benefits most from painting this a revival of Soviet-era aggression? (the Soviets?)

John McCain. (I thought it was the Soviets, but, true, it did make the Democrats candidate look like the mealy mouthed wimp and foreign policy neophyte he actually is)

So did the Bush administration provoke Moscow to help elect McCain and keep neo-conservative foreign policy alive? Was McCain himself involved in setting this Russian bear trap? (No and no, but, I have some Bigfoot hairs and Nessie droppings to sell you)

Whew! Not only did Joe Lauria manage to implicate McCain, but he dragged the evil Boooooosh admin (probably with Puppet Master Darth Cheney pulling the strings) into it. What do the judges say?

 clown judges

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