Law Enforcement 101 By Tongue Tied

Pro-immigrant activists in California decried as racist a city’s plans to train its police to help enforce federal immigration laws, reports the LA Times.

The city council Costa Mesa voted last month to allow its police officers to question suspects arrested for other crimes about their immigration status. Mayor Allan Mansoor insists that enforcement will focus on those accused of serious crimes and that random sweeps are not part of the plan.

Protestors who attended a city council meeting, however, said the initiative was racist. About 80 of them turned up waving hand-painted signs reading “Nobody Is Illegal” and “Mansoor Is a Bigot.” Other signs proclaimed the United States the property of Mexico and Americans as the interlopers.

“We demand a reversal of the agreement,” said Coyotl Tezcalipoca of the Tonantzin Collective, a pro-immigrant group.

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