Lawsuit Lottery: The “Overcome By The Spirit” Edition

God, in his infinite mercy, may forgive him for this, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do,

“A Sevier County man is suing his former church in South Knoxville, after he claims he was overcome by the spirit, fell backward and hit his head.

Matt Lincoln, 57, says pastors at Lakewind Church should have made sure someone caught him.

His attorney is asking for $2.5 million to cover medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering.

The case stems from a Wednesday night service at Lakewind in June 2007, when a visiting minister was praying for members individually.

“I just closed my eyes. I was just asking God, I wanted to have a real experience. It’s like you faint. It’s almost like you pass out,” Lincoln says.

…”I hit. I hit full force backwards,” he says.

After one year and two surgeries, Lincoln says he still hurts all the time.

…Lawyers for the church didn’t want to go on camera, but say in an answer to the lawsuit that Lincoln was observed that night by other congregants to be on the floor laughing, that he failed to look out for his own safety and that court involvement with the ministry of this church would be unconstitutional.”

It seems to me that this con artist and his shyster lawyer are suing the wrong people. Instead of suing the church, they should be suing God since they’re claiming that he caused Lincoln to be “overcome by the spirit,” which led to his falling and being hurt — if he didn’t injure himself laughing so hard on the floor.

This is just one more example of why we should have a “loser pays” system in this country so that people like Matt Lincoln would have to pony up for the lawyer bills of the church he’s frivolously suing. Of course, that’s assuming his roll of the dice in the gambling halls that make up our court system doesn’t end up unfairly rewarding him with a fortune for falling down like a sack of potatoes in church.

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