Lefty Suggestion Of The Day: Walk Out On The State Of The Union Speech

William Rivers Pitt, one of the favorite liberal loonies of the Democratic Underground crowd, has a great — if by great, you mean cracked — ideas for the Democrats:

I have a wild and crazy idea.

George W. Bush’s delivery of the State of the Union address will take place on Tuesday, January 31, a little more than a week from now. It is my strong belief that every single Democrat present in the House chamber for the speech should, at a predetermined moment, stand up and walk out. No yelling. No heated words. Every Democrat should simply stand silently and leave.

Crazy, I know. Crazy, and possibly the best idea ever put before a body of Democrats since the New Deal.

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See, that’s what’s wrong with the Democratic Party in a nutshell.

They’re losing election after election, not just because they’re largely bereft of appealing policies that will win over the American people and because they’re so weak and vacillating on national security, but because of wild eyed fanatics like — well — William Rivers Pitt.

Meanwhile, Pitt thinks a political stunt, which is the equivalent to a bunch of third graders turning their desks around when a teacher walks out of the room is the greatest idea since the New Deal — and believe it or not, he’s probably closer to the political mainsteam in the Democratic Party than Senators like Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson who’re roundly despised by much of the Democratic party for not being complete frothing-at-the-mouth libs like Michael Moore and Ted Kennedy.

Here’s a “wild and crazy idea” I’d like to share with the Democrats: move your party back to the right, come up with your own contract with America, that’s full of specific policy proposals, not vague generalities, and start treating the kooks in your party like — well — kooks, instead of rock stars. That’ll do more for the Democratic Party than a couple of dozen political stunts.

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