Let Europe Handle Sudan

Right Thinking Girl and I talked about Sudan (among other things) last night and RTG gave me permission to reprint our conversation. After I cleaned it up and edited it just a bit, here it is:

Right Thinking Girl: I’m working on my big genocide post about Sudan, but I’m a little disappointed that Clooney has been talking about it so much. It makes me sound like I’m jumping on the bandwagon.

John Hawkins: Getting George Clooney’s left-overs huh? lol. I’m of the opinion that Europe should handle it.

Right Thinking Girl: Why?

John Hawkins: Because we’re in the middle of running a global war on terror and are supplying the overwhelming majority of the resources and troops. If Europe can’t handle something as piddly as Sudan without our help, what good are they?

Right Thinking Girl: Good point. I really do wish something good would come from the celebs talking about it so much.

John Hawkins: If Iraq is a 10 on the difficulty scale, then Sudan is about a 2 or even a 1. Surely France, Spain, Canada, (Germany), etc., are capable to taking care of it without us holding their hand.

Right Thinking Girl: I don’t know if it’s that easy though…

John Hawkins: I’m sure they might lose some people. But personally, I think there have got to be some countries out there besides us, Britain, (and Australia) that are willing to put a significant amount of our blood and treasure on the line for the good of the world.

Right Thinking Girl: I dunno. I see no proof of that.

John Hawkins: I don’t either and that’s a problem. I mean if they don’t have the will and/or the means to even handle a situation like Sudan, why pay attention to them at all?

Right Thinking Girl: Exactly. They are morally bankrupt and the UN — this should be perfect for them — and they’ve…done nothing.

John Hawkins: We’re getting to the point where dealing with countries like France, Spain, Germany, etc, in international crisis is more trouble than it’s worth. Basically, we do all the work, and they’re like the little girl in the Shake’N’Bake commercials who wants everyone to know that they “helped” (by like getting the chicken out of the fridge or something). But, behind the scenes, they want to be treated like full partners.

Right Thinking Girl: Exactly. Plus we’re in the run up to war in Iran and they’re suddenly hemming and hawing again. I mean — IRAN! WITH A NUKE!

John Hawkins: Yeah, there’s an old slogan, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” And they’re not doing any of them.

We’re dealing with Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, and keeping China away from Taiwan, while simultaneously shouldering the overwhelming majority of the load in the war on terror across the globe and you’re telling me that Europe, the UN, and the whole rest of the world combined can’t deal with Sudan? Give me a break.

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